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February 17, 2014

Offloading user management to third party service

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While registering for a free online training on Play Framework from TypeSafe, noticed that they were using a third party service called Stormpath for their user management.

This is very interesting because user management is a tedious process and top of it having different roles, adds to the complexity. I had a first hand experience on user management when building a Grails application that required user registration and having different roles for users. At that time I used Acegi Security plugin that worked very well, but still managing user data, email validations, role management was a tedious process.

Using a third party service and their API totally makes sense when you are not worried about user data and you need a quick time to market


February 21, 2013

Web based browser testing

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Many websites offer cross browser testing by taking snapshots of a web page on various browsers and comparing them to find rendering issues. It works sort of, but when fixing a rendering issue its convenient to have access to a real browser.

On may mac, I have to setup multiple virtual machines to test IE browsers for compatibility issues, which sucks as a developer when you are running your web-server, IDE and a virtual machine.

Browser stack offers an interesting service where you can use different browsers from a browser. Its like actually testing on a browser with access to all the developer tools for a browser inside a browser. Wondering what would happen if I keep on opening browser stack sites inside a browser stack browser .



September 9, 2012

Fixtures for Easy Software Testing (fest)

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This module provides a fluent interface for assertions.

September 5, 2012

Implementing custom scopes in Spring

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As of Spring 2.0, the bean scoping mechanism in Spring is extensible. This means that you are not limited to just the bean scopes that Spring provides out of the box; you can define your own scopes, or even redefine the existing scopes (although that last one would probably be considered bad practice – please note that you cannot override the built-in singleton and prototype scopes).

Custom scopes in Spring

August 10, 2011

GodMode in Windows7

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This gives quick access to all the administrative tools and pretty much all the things you can do to customize windows 7. To get to this mode create a new folder on desktop and name it as “GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}” or open Windows Explorer and enter GodMode in the tool bar.

February 25, 2011

Android tutorials

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If you are new to Android development watch this tutorial.

Learn how to develop for Android, Beyond HelloWorld

Want to learn some best practices. Title of the video is wrong, its actually not a ‘Beginners guide to Android’. Presenter changes the talk after 5 minutes into it.

Android best practices for beginners

June 29, 2010

Programming Language Wars

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Programming language wars are very interesting. Some take their programming language very religiously and vehemently argue how cool it is. This is what I would say; of course my own opinions and I have every right to have them.

Language is just a tool: Many times people forget that programming language is just a tool to solve problems. In the end it boils down to problem and a right solution. A problem can be solved in any language, but certain problem’s can be best solved by using certain languages while others are best suited for other problems. It depends upon using right programming language for solving a particular problem.

November 30, 2009

Let’s be brothers again

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Once I had an argument with one of my Pakistani friend about Kashmir. He was arguing that free Kashmir will resolve all the issues between India and Pakistan. It was just a healthy discussion and he did not mean it, but it made me think and following is its result..

They were like brothers, like a family.
Together they shared their joy,
And together they shared their sorrow.
They ate food grown from the same land,
They drank water from the same river,
And its the same air that flowed through their bodies.

Yet a time came when they became bitter enemies.
They became thirsty for each others blood,
They became hungry for each others flesh,
And the air was filled with stench of death.
(Together) They found a reason to kill each other,
When they could have found a reason to live together.

Is it the greed, or hunger for power,
That turns human into a beast.
They blindly (believed in) followed the power craving leaders,
They beheaded the men who were like brothers,
Molested the women who were like sisters,
And killed the children who doesn't know their religion. (which religion they are.)

I wonder which religion permits to kill others,
yet they killed in the name of religion and for the sake of heavens.
They turned their lands into living hell,
And funneled their hatred to next generations.
They only told the things that have been done to them,
But they never told the things that they have done.

I wish they could have thought by themselves,
And listened to their hearts, rather than to their leaders,
That killing is never a solution for anything.
We would have been living like brothers and as a family,
And our land would have been a heaven.
yet, its never too late ,by forgetting to our past and listening to our heart.

August 2, 2009

My true roots

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My colleagues make fun of me that I wobble my head the same way when I mean to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’, and when ever I say like “I will be there in a minute” or “I will do that in a minute”. They would say why do I use “in a minute” when I do not mean it, and why do Indians shake their head for everything.

When ever we go out for lunch / dinner they always bet that I will order food that has spicy in the dish name or the spiciest dish in the menu.

I always laugh at them and say its in my roots, check out this funny video to understand what I mean.

July 14, 2009

Java Decompiler

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I have been using DJCompiler for long time as a standalone application to open up .class files as java code and even at one point I used an eclipse plug-in that hooks into a java decompiler, but somehow eclipse plug-in never worked properly.

Yesterday my wife emailed me a new java decompiler plug-in for eclipse that works out of the box instead of hooking the plug-in to an external .exe file as I used to do earlier.


Its an open source project with a standalone IDE and an Eclipse plug-in, and my first impressions it works great

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