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December 24, 2010

Keep Flash player full screen while working on dual monitors.

Filed under: General — Bharat Kondeti @ 10:08 pm

Sometimes I like to watch videos on my second monitor while working on another monitor. But when ever I click on my working screen the Flash player closes the full screen mode which is very annoying. There is a patch that one can apply on Flash to alleviate this problem. Its called IgnoFlash patch.


It’s was very easy to apply the patch and now I can play my videos in full screen while working. Thank you very much Mr. Alex Gembe.


December 7, 2010

Resolving conflicts

Filed under: General — Bharat Kondeti @ 2:34 am

Heard a very interesting story in one of the TED talks.

A man left his three children with 17 camels. According to the will first son gets half of the camels, second son gets third of the camels and the youngest gets ninth of the camels. Three sons got into negotiations, realizing they cannot split without killing the camels they started to argue and finally in desperation they consulted a wise old women.

Wise old women thought about their problem for long time and finally she came back and said, I don’t know if I can help, but at least if you want you can have my camel.

So now they had 18 camels….

First son took his half, half of 18 is 9; Second son took his third, third of 18 is 6; finally youngest took his ninth, ninth of 18 is 2 and yet the total was only 17 and there was one camel left over which they gave it back to old wise women.

The moral of the story is every problem or conflict can be resolved with a fresh look. Every conflict has two sides but it’s the third side ‘us’ who should participate in resolving the conflict.

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