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June 11, 2009


Filed under: screams — Bharat Kondeti @ 9:28 pm

Today I am so fustrated and pissed off that I started to feel pity and laugh at myself. Today my flights were cancelled three times and was running between different terminals. Propably I can mark this day as a most fustrating day in my one year of travel. Weather was the primary reason for all the flight cancellations added with air space conjestion. Who ever said that it’s always sunny in Philadelphia, I should kick him in the ass.

Oh about the air conjestion, I heard from gate agent that it was because of Mr. Vise President. Apparently if a President or Vise President is in air, they shut down the airspace around that area. And there I was thinking how the heck there can be air conjestion. Last time I checked we fly in there dimentional space.

I think I should calm down before I explode. Omm shit happens omm shit happens omm shit happens…….


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